eSOLVcrm Email Marketing

eSOLVcrm Email Marketing 

As a premier digital marketing agency for real estate, and a former instructor with Top Producer, we fully understand how essential an email marketing strategy is for success. 93% of real estate clients list email as their preferred medium of communication. For every dollar you spend, it provides an average return of 4200%. With the eSOLVEcrm platform, you can take your real estate email marketing strategy to the next level, improve conversion and exponentially grow your sales margins. 

Save Time, Get More Done 

With most other CRMs, there is a bit of technical work required to set it up and use. However, eSOLVEcrm is a turnkey enterprise solution that you can use right away from the start. Simply upload your list, or create contacts, or have one of our pros import your data.  Choose a mobile-friendly template, and customize it the built-in editor to your exact preferences. 

Broadcast your emails to your leads and clients at precisely the right time and occasion thanks to eSOLVEcrm’s advanced automation features. Build and send newsletters automatically with information gathered directly from your website. 

Launch email series that trigger and are sent instantly based on users’ specific actions such as registering with your website, viewing your listings or not having been active with your agency for too long. You can also create campaigns that trigger on specific days such as on Christmas or even your client’s birthday. 

Enhance Your Customer Engagement 

With eSOLVEcrm, get potential and existing customers moving forward through the buyer’s journey by tracking their activity and interactions with you in real-time. Be accurately aware of where a particular user is in the sales funnel and take timely action to keep them moving forward through it. For instance, if you have had leads that have not opened your last newsletter, you will be updated about it and then can re-send emails to those contacts. 

Ensure that the email you are sending remained personalized and relevant to your audience with the help of eSOLVEcrm’s smart segmentation. Based on data provided, segment your customers based on location, demography, or other criteria and create a separate and distinct email campaign for each of the groups for ensuring the maximum CTR. 

One Platform, All Your Marketing Needs 

With eSOLVEcrm, you have every tool in your arsenal for real estate email marketing success. Enjoy a bird's-eye view of your marketing campaigns while local offices add their contacts, and send emails on their own. Analyze your customer traffic patterns, the results, and the timeline of your marketing efforts as well as logs of past sales interaction all from a single screen. Pay a single fee for limitless use across your entire agency. 

In addition, the built-in editor and automated tools used for making newsletters can also be used for making blog posts as well, optimized for Google’s best performance. Our eSOLVEcrm is WordPress compatible. 

Our open-source eSOLVEcrm platform is great on its own but even better together with our Wizardx3 CMS and IDX broker solution. Harmonize your marketing workflow while saving up on costs by availing our complete package. 



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