search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing drives traffic and qualified buyers to your website. It ensures that your site gains maximum exposure organically (via Search Engine Optimization). We can also manage your pay-per-click account so you don’t have to. This allows you to market yourself and your properties 24-hours a day.

We strive to increase your position in the rankings and to get the highest possible placement. Once we reach the highest we maintain that ranking by continuing to manage your account.

Search Engine Optimization is a difficult process that doesn’t happen overnight, it take time. There is a lot of research and time put into marketing a website, and our Special Projects Team works hard to ensure that your website shows up in the search engines and that your budget is optimized.

lead generation and capture.

Once a prospective client is driven to your website via Search Engine Marketing, they then become an actual lead by any number of ways. We help you incorporate what they’re looking for on your website, which helps make it that much easier to capture them. Here are a few ways we can help you do that:

It’s best to remember that capturing a lead is not about trapping or forcing them into giving out their name and email address, this will lead to an unqualified lead. It’s actually about finding someone who’s truly interested in a property and looking to buy within that specific price range. It’s about quality not quantity. We provide you with the solution to generate those quality leads. 

email marketing.

custom marketing materials 

Our customized marketing materials are professionally done and are automatically generated from your website. Not only can you print them at anytime, you can also make last minute updates. Offering you the flexibility you’ve been looking for.

email campaigns

The ability to capture prospects on your website allows you to automatically email potential home buyers a series of letters to develop a relationship and create loyalty. Start building relationships that last a lifetime!

email updates

These updates allow you to receive emails regarding new listings. Keep up-to-date on listings without having to do the research yourself!

track your results.

Our monthly reports will provide you with detailed website statistics that guarantee you’re getting the results you set out to achieve!