Marketing Automation for Real Estate


Real estate businesses that make use of advanced marketing automation tools report greater lead generation, increased visibility, and higher sales growth compared to their counterparts lacking the technology. The aiSEOlogic platform is designed to provide an affordable but powerful marketing automation solution for real estate.

Simplify Workflow, Enhance Productivity 

Manage execution across all your various marketing channels through a unified cloud-based interface. aiSEOlogic enables companies to simultaneously publish on all their social media outlets without leaving its dashboard.

With a single click, you can update your SEO strategy for all your channels rather than waste time doing it manually for each one individually. Gain a detailed SEO data and metrics report instantly by connecting your webmaster account with our platform.

With aiSEOlogic, ad campaigns can be intelligently automated – ads shown to your prospects are dynamically hyper-personalized down to the local area. Human input in lead nurturing is minimized because aiSEOlogic can itself keep track of lead activity and interaction with your various channels and automatically target your messages to them accordingly.

aiSEOlogic keeps storage of instances of your past SEO and PPC strategies so you can easily revert back to them should your latest ones don’t pan out.

Reduce Costs of Your Marketing Efforts 

aiSEOlogic allows you to reduce your labor costs by helping automate the most repetitive and time-consuming marketing tasks.

Because aiSEOlogic operates on the cloud, there is no need of maintaining an in-house infrastructure. The software can be accessed by your staff through any device, be it their desktop, smartphone, or laptop. Scaling our solution to your expanding operations is thus a hassle-free affair.

aiSEOlogic can also reduce costs and optimize your PPC campaigns. It’s advanced A.I algorithms autonomously tracks, manages and realign your PPC strategies as well as identify the best bidding opportunities to deliver maximum ROI. With our platform, you are able to more accurately see the true costs of each ‘free’ clicks you might be receiving thanks to its capital investment cost estimator.

Keep Your Leads Engaged Even When You Are Away 

With aiSEOlogic, you can schedule your postings on all your channels for a later date, keeping your leads engaged even when you are away. Through our smart content aggregation, relevant information could be taken from the web to create unique and engaging content for your website

aiSEOlogic also automatically generates real estate content taken directly from your website and regularly sends it at strategic times to your leads, ensuring their continued engagement.

Powerful Insights Under One Roof

With aiSEOlogic, you can easily keep track of lead activities, view and analyze performance metrics for all your online channels, and keep a log of your conversions, online sales, and client all under one roof.

aiSEOlogic can also be easily integrated with major third-party analytics and web services such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and WordPress. Insight data from these apps will then automatically appear on aiSEOlogic’s dashboard.

aiSEOlogic – Built for Real Estate, Perfected for Success

Have the comfort of having everything readily available at your disposal with aiSEOlogic – the #1 CRM built for real-estate. Our turnkey proprietary platform has been developed from scratch specifically for addressing the unique requirements of the real estate industry. Clients that have employed our service routinely report a 50% increase in their profitability



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