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In the real estate industry, PPC campaigns still remain one of the most powerful ways for converting potential prospects into leads. However, with major digital ad platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads saturated with competitors, it is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to make effective use of this marketing channel. Our platform theSEOexpress  offers itself as a powerful solution for cutting costs and maximizing reach with your PPC campaigns. 

Automated PPC Campaigns 

Stop wasting your marketing budget with underperforming PPC campaigns that simply don’t convert. Thanks to its advanced A.I algorithms, theSEOexpress can  track, measure, and realign your PPC strategies on a continuous basis to ensure the greatest effectiveness of ad campaigns.  

The A.I also extensively analyzes the performance of all your current PPC campaigns and tweaks its strategy accordingly to deliver higher conversions.  

Predictable Results 

When it comes to PPC marketing, one of the biggest challenges real estate agencies face is measuring the real impact of their campaign outcomes. Thanks to our  predictive bid automation technology, your PPC strategy will yield more predictable results based on your budget and scope. 

A One Stop Shop 

theSEOexpress is optimized to lead PPC campaigns on all major digital marketing channels. Whether it is Google Search, Facebook, LinkedIn, or others, theSEOexpress will create optimized PPC campaigns that are guaranteed to maximize your returns on investment. Various campaigns on different channels can also be coordinated to ensure a consistent message and experience is delivered to the prospect, improving their chances of becoming your leads.  

Dedicated Account Manager 

We fully understand there are some aspects to marketing that no software, no matter how potent it is, can replace the ingenuity of a human expert. This is why don’t simply offer a turnkey solution but a complete service package to fully ensure your real estate marketing success. Get to attract and convert more qualified leads with the best lead marketing experts and software on the market. 

For your business, we provide 1-on-1 support and ongoing extensive reporting from our PPC expert. They will review campaign results with you and take your feedback in further enhancing your campaign strategy.  

Hyper-taylored to Your Market and Ad Needs 

The key edge we enjoy over the rest is our ability to create completely unique data-driven ad campaigns, tailor-made for your audience, brand, products, services, and markets. Our solution will automatically show your prospects only those ads that are most relevant to them, reducing campaign costs while massively enhancing returns and meeting your campaign goals faster. 

Engage and Experience the Power 

theSEOexpress platform is proprietary and has routinely delivered an over 50% ROI improvement for our customers. That’s far more than what you will find with most other real estate marketing agencies. 

Whether it is leading global campaigns to bring new visitors to your website or local ads to drive them to your local brokerage office, theSEOexpress is a highly potent solution, helping you devise tailor-made pay-per-click strategies to better fulfill your objectives.


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