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History of Innovation and change... 


eSolutions set a new higher level as the company launched their 4th generation of productivity and digital solutions for real estate agents and companies utilizing the aiseoologic platform. The power of AI, Search engine optimization, target campaigns and continual refinement this new 4-in-1 integrated platform features best in class - best of all, its organic and natural.



Real Estate Drone Studios was founded by Sr. Management at eSolutions for Real Estate. The studio located in W Hollywood, CA produces high quality drone video productions of mansions, and other high end real estate. Consumer demand fueled by virtual reality provides greater visibility for multimillion-dollar estates while differentiating one Luxury Agent from another and evoking greater emotional attachment to these high-end listings. 



Acquisition of the SEO express, an industry leader specializing in Search Engine Optimization and pay per click marketing.  Clients were able to experience greater traffic, enhanced visibility, and ultimately more business.  Today, the SEO express provides on page SEO from day one for clients of eSolutions for Real Estate to drive more traffic and generate more leads.



eSolutions launched their comprehensive suite of websites targeting the luxury home market and focus on agents and the estates they sell.  The WIZARDx3cms created new and innovative means to showcase these estates with greater elegance, the largest photos in the industry and state of the art design.  These luxurious and award-winning websites propelled the company to an entirely new level.  The new line streamlined workflows, improved business process and marketing efforts to expand the agents’ network and community outreach even more.



eSolutions completed development and launched its Real Estate platform. Built by salespeople for salespeople sourcing the latest technology available.  That same year eSolutions for Real Estate broke ground in the development and launch of the first IDX site in Denver Colorado. This revolutionary new tool put in agent's hands the capability of providing an MLS search to potential buyers on their personal website, creating a tremendous competitive advantage.  Previously, searches could only be performed on Brokerage websites.  eSolutions seized this opportunity and created the WIZARDx3cms database, pulling listings directly from the MLS and allowing agents to customize all MLS fields for their personal websites.  Combined with bleeding edge technology and full service creative “agency”, eSolutions emerged a leader and innovator.  These entirely custom websites showcased listings with more photos than permitted by the MLS (due to server capacity).  The websites included lead generation and follow – up, and custom add-ons delivered with a back-office solution (CMS) that remains unique and unparalleled even today. The Realtor’s keys to success are to create a brand that differentiates and establishes market dominance for themselves in their respective markets, with little effort on behalf of the Realtor and their team.  This technology and impressive website design can improve reach and efficiency, and free up time to get new listings and sell more homes.   



eSolutions for Real Estate created a technology blueprint based upon a similar method used by Howard Britton to create “Star Power,” a compilation of best practices in Real Estate.  eSolutions interviewed successful agents, discovered their secrets to success, and compiled a list of needs and requirements not offered by the 54 website companies we profiled.  Our team at eSolutions studied these agent’s approach, geographic circumstances, current website, company website, CRM, marketing, listing presentations, income, and sales performance.  Lastly, a review of their daily operations and procedures including how they input their listings, implemented their marketing plan, and provided listing service reports to their sellers.  The goal at eSolutions, to automate redundant activities and find ways to expand their digital footprint to reach potential buyers and sellers.   



After more than a decade of teaching Realtors how to use computers to improve efficiency in their business including: customer relationship management (Top Producer, Agent 2000) drip marketing, lead generation, defining geographic farms, creating CMA valuation tools, and developing professional presentations to well over 10,000 Realtors, the concept of eSolutions for Real Estate was established.


5 Star Digital Real Estate Marketing Concierge

At eSolutions we have two mantras, Clients for life and Work smarter NOT harder.

This way of doing business means:

  • We listen, address the issues, solve the problem.
  • The WIZARDx3cms the back-office puts you in control making the necessary changes (in most cases) on your own.
  • Our team is available. Call, Text, or email.  No ticketing system, no voice mail jail.
  • eSolutions development are based in the US and overseas - Most requests are completed while you sleep and before you wake you up. Literally 24 x7
  • We welcome new ideas.  If you can dream it, we can build it.
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-annual reviews ensure you are on track with your website, your marketing and ahead of your competition.

Meet the family

eSolutionsforRealEstate - Elegant website design for real estate with on-page search engine optimization from day one.

theSEOexpress - High placement in Search engines is critical and poses greather challenges every year.  theSEOexpress keeps current on the ever-changing Algorithms used by Google, Instagram etc. and makes use of smart SEO automation.

WIZARDx3cms A user-friendly content management system (CMS) that automagically reformats and showcases your Featured Listings giving the appearance that you have a staff of graphic artists working hard to make your Sellers smile.  The WIZARDx3cms is a very robust back-office solution providing users the ability to update their website and provide access to the eSOLVcrm and all aspects of the website including IDX, analytics, and other components of your site.

eSOLVEcrm - The marketing center for lead generation, email campaigns, and managing and keeping in touch with past clients. A customer relationship management system (CRM) with automated workflows to organize and categorize your clients, calls, emails, and follow-up.

Getting started is easy. Our knowledgeable team will guide you every step of the way through the process, to create a stunning and powerful website and Internet presence. A website that’s fully Search Engine Optimized, with marketing automation and a lead generation engine built specifically for your real estate business.  eSolutions provides you this turnkey fully integrated solution with predictable results.






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A comprehensive centralized digital marketing solution with predictable marketing results that actually work!

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