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At eSolutions we have a philosophy we live by and you've heard it before,  it's called clients for life.

This way of doing business involves:

  • A company that listens to your concerns and addresses the issues important to you.
  • A team that's available when you need assistance. Give us a call, send us a text or an email.  No ticketing system, no voice mail jail.
  • At eSolutions for Real Estate we know the importance of getting things done on a timely basis.  This is the reason why we have 2, yes 2 distinct development groups.  One in the US and One overseas team - While you are sleeping our overseas team is working diligently to get your requests done by the time you wake up. Literally 24x7 How cool is that?
  • Developing and re-developing solutions around your requirments and dreams.  If you can dream it, we can build it.
  • Setting realistic objectives and goals.  Expect the best!
  • Engaging our clients in the process. Regularly scheduled calls to keep projects on track.
  • Resolving issues quickly is the only style we know.  Sometimes they can't be resolved immediately - We will let you know.
  • Reviewing accomplishments and targeted objectives quarterly, twice a year or yearly.  It's up to you, we will be there!

Then and Now... 

Our digital solutions for real estate companies are developed by sales people for sales people using the latest technology available.  In 2002 eSolutions for Real Estate began producing custom real estate websites. Through brand creation and logo development we were able to differentiate real estate agents from their competition.  We automated the first solution to elegantly showcase and market agent listings.  Additionally, we launched the first IDX site for Denver Colorado Real estate to search homes for sale.

In 2008 eSolutions solicited feedback and gathered information regarding best practices of top real estate agents and luxury real estate agents.  With these ideas we re-developed and implemented new online marketing techniques for real estate agents and brokers. This comprehensive suite of products quickly gained popularity and attracted top producing Realtors and Luxury real estate agents across the globe.  These real estate websites took development to a whole new level while streamlining workflows, improving business process and marketing efforts to expand the agents network and community outreach. Search engine optimization and pay per click marketing generated both traffic and leads. 

Effective, January 2020 we launched our 4th generation of productivity and digital solutions for real estate companies using the aiSEOlogic platform. This new 4-in-1 integrated platform features best of breed: - it's natural 

eSolutionsforRealEstate - Elegant website design for real estate with on-page search engine optimization from day one.

theSEOexpress - Getting found on the internet is becoming more challenging every year.  theSEOexpress stays current on the every changing Algorithms used by Google, Instagram etc. and makes use of smart SEO automation

WIZARDx3  A user-friendly content management system (CMS) means that automatically reformats and then showcases your Featured Listings giving the appearance that you have a staff of graphic artists.  The WIZARDx3cms is very robust and is the back office which provides access to your website.  It also provides access to the eSOLVcrm and all aspects of the website including IDX, analytics, and other components of your site.

eSOLVEcrm - The marketing center for lead generation, email campaigns, and managing and keeping in touch with past clients. A customer relationship management system (CRM) with automated workflows to organize and categorize your clients, calls, emails and follow-up.


Getting started is easy. We will guide you every step of the way through this process, to create a stunning and powerful Internet presence. A website that’s fully Search Engine Optimized, with marketing automation and a lead generation engine built specifically for your real estate business.  eSolutions provides you this turnkey fully integrated solution with predictable results.

Work hard Play hard - it's natural 

We are 100% dedicated to our clients 100% of the time.  HOLD ON, we like to have fun too (AND WE DO IT WELL).  We  encourage our employees to have that work life balance, refresh, and be inspired. We work hard and we play hard... once the work is done, we play!



And presenting the not so spacious, but fairly common…

  Airplane... Skybox!

cage-free policy / free range.

Our employees are not confined to the limited square-footage of a cube. Our employees are free to root and roam where they so please. Whether that be always sunny southern California, the mountains in Colorado, the lakes of Minnesota, across the plains of Texas or the palm trees, saltwater and beaches in the Carribean and Pacific. 


did you know...

The average American commuter spends on average 38 hours a year stuck in traffic... That's roughly 3 months out of a person's life! 3 MONTHS! 3 months you could be spending time with family, on vacation, or sipping mojitos!




Client's are # 1

A comprehensive centralized digital marketing solution with predictable marketing results that actually work!

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