eSOLVEcrm Lead Generation

eSOLVcrm Lead Generation 

Today’s real estate environment is characterized by an unprecedented level of stiff competition. Or agencies attracting new leads through conventional means has become extremely difficult and expensive. Coming to address the concern of many realtors, our robust CRM platform and team of specialists provides among the most potent lead generation and PPC solutions currently on the market, granting you higher returns for every dollar you spend in reaching new clients.

Continuous Engagement 

eSOLVcrm is our proprietary CRM platform that utilizes aiSEOlogic, an advanced A.I algorithm to quickly generate useful content directly from your website and sent them at strategic times to your contacts on a regular basis, nurturing leads through continuous engagement. It keeps track of their activity and interaction to send the right message at the right time, encouraging them to move forward through the pipeline. We utilize all channels, from SMS to search engines to ensure your presence is always known.

Enhanced Advertisement 

Get more for your time and money with aiSEOlogic. To ensure higher click-through rates, the software will continually and actively track, measure the performance metrics, and then realign your PPC strategies. We utilize an omni channel approach to executing PPC campaigns, incorporating a targeted message across various channels to ensure a consistent and un-confusing experience for your prospects. All adverts are specifically customized and tailored to ensure a hyper-personalized delivery.

Responsive Landing Pages 

For any effective lead generation strategy, landing pages tend to be a crucial component. Our highly responsive landing pages are optimized for all device screens. With mobile becoming the primary mode of access to the internet, landing pages that render well on them are essential to achieving greater prospect engagement.

Optimized Bidding 

Bogged down in your keyword battles? Our platform’s advanced A.I will automatically crawl through the internet for you and identify the best keyword bids to incorporate in your PPC campaigns.

Back by Real Human Specialists 

We don’t provide a solution; we provide an experience. Work with our team of specialists to make your lead generation a solid success. Get 1-on-1 help and advice from a committed PPC strategist. Have us perform your research, manufacture your PPC campaigns and structure incredible advertisements, and help you realize your goals to the best standards.

One Vendor, All Solutions 

Pull in and convert progressively qualified leads with the best lead promoting specialists and programming available. Our platform is built from the ground up specifically for the needs of the real estate sector. It features every tool in its arsenal to help your estate agency become a success. Clients that have employed our service have routinely reported a 50% increase in their profitability.

By choosing our service, you will have a direct relationship with the maker of your website, eSOLVcr, and digital marketing solutions. Any issue or challenge that may arise can quickly be resolve without the hassle of contacting any third-party service.


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